Online exhibition - Kathleen Kngale 'Bloom', collaboration with Pollon Art, New York.

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Kathleen Kngale 'Bloom', online exhibition with Pollon Art, New York.

Exhibition open online May 11 - June 22, 2016

If paintings talk, Kathleen Kngale’s paintings whisper, as if they have breathed themselves onto the canvas. While there are changes in pitch and tone of Kngale’s paintings: sometimes faint, sometimes forte, her Dreaming story of Arnwekety (also known as Bush Plum and Wild Plum), has been almost her single subject since she started painting in the mid 1980s.

Kngale is a senior Anmatyerre woman from the Utopia region in Arlperre Country. A remote, beautoful and uncompromising Central Desert region in the Northern Territory, and the homelands for the Anmatyerre and Alyawrre people.

When Kngale paints Arnwekety, she is vivifying the Bush Plum’s cycle of production, rest and regeneration. She is both recalling and calling-upon its seasonal cycle and all the relationships: human, animal, organic, elemental, and ancestral that enable and depend upon its regeneration.

This exhibition is a curatorial collaboration between Delmore Gallery and Pollon Art, New York. Drawn from the archives of Delmore Gallery's collection, is the first time that these important works by Kathleen Kngale have been offered for sale.

View exhibition. 

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