Janelle Stockman paintings

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Janelle Stockman was a bold and energetic young artist who drew her inspiration from the landscape, flora, fauna, and stories from her grandfather. Her paintings are in high demand due to their unique contemporary style.

Unlike her peers, Janelle's works do not directly recount a story of her family's dreamtime per se, but were simply an expression of herself. As the granddaughter of recognised Papunya artist, Billy Stockman, Janelle's Dreamings included Country, sand dunes, women’s business and dancing. She drew inspiration from her traditional homelands around Hermannsburg and Papunya as well as her husband’s country Arnkawenyerr, which lies just outside of Utopia on Alyawarre land. 

Janelle had always said that she painted from within. She loved mixing beautiful colours, or making a bold statement with black and white. She said that the colours of the bush and her environment were all of these colours to her. 

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