Violet Petyarre Paintings

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Violet Petyarre is the elder sister of Gloria Petyarre, the two are very good friends. Gloria often refers to Violet for intimate details of the many plants involved in their ceremonial life.

In April 1989, Violet and all of her sisters were commissioned by Delmore Gallery to paint on linen. The resulting paintings were highly sought after. 

Like her sister, the Mountain devil lizard is the main Dreaming that Violet paints, creating her own distinctive interpretation of this unique desert animal.

In her earlier artworks, Violet's body painting (awelye) series portrayed a more structured composition and strikingly simplistic form. More recently, Violet has continued her artistic experimentation through the introduction of bold new colours, giving her celebrated works a bright new contemporary lustre and appeal. 

Violet Petyarre has established herself as a significant figure of the Utopian and Australian contemporary art movements. 

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