Indigenous Australian art gallery est. 1989.
  • Polly Ngale

    Veils of wild plum dreaming

  • Angeline Ngale Delmore Gallery

    Angeline Ngale

    Bush Plum

  • Emily Kame Kngwarreye

    Australia's iconic colourist

  • Gloria Petyarre

    Linear movement of lines and bush medicine leaves


Indigenous Australian art for discerning collectors

In Emily, the stylistic changes of recent aboriginal art history coalesced and were transformed in looser constructions and intensely vibrant colours. From a multitude of perspectives, they appeared nothing like the Western and Central Desert counterparts. Depicting the flowers, roots, dust and summer rains of her country, the translucent colours built up with layered touches of paint to create an illusion of depth and movement. Emily’s work combined the decorative, almost structured compositions of batik with the overall effect of Western abstraction and the results were neither representational or iconographic. For all these reasons, they nudged the boundaries that catapulted Aboriginal painting into the contemporary art sphere, and their sales indicated the enthusiastic acceptance of a format that was both familiar and other: the quintessential definition of modernism.

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