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Dave Pwerle Ross

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Dave Pwerle Ross (b. 1933) was the most senior lawman amongst the Eastern Anmatyerre people from the area north-east of Alice Springs, whose ritual responsibilities extend beyond his own group into the neighbouring Alyawarre and Eastern Aranda (Arrente) ceremonial life. According to Janet Holt, David Ross was "involved in every major ceremony between the Sandover River and the Queensland border as the ultimate Aboriginal legal authority".

Dave Ross’ artworks demonstrate his strong traditionalist nature, allowing no elements of decorativeness to detract from the correctness of the design. Dave started to paint as a response to the changed historical circumstances of his people and the need “to put down” his knowledge in a permanent medium for his children and posterity.

Dave Pwerle Ross' work has been included in group exhibitions in Australia, USSR and USA and in 1990 he had a solo exhibition at Coventry Gallery in Sydney. He is represented in several public collections including the National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of WA, Art Gallery of Queensland and in private collections in Australia and overseas. 

Sadly, Dave passed away in July 2019.


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