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'Emily Kngwarreye Paintings', published by Craftsman House, 1998

Emily Kngwarreye Paintings Craftsman House 1998About our book
Delmore Gallery's beautifully presented book, Emily Kngwarreye Paintings (1998), with 70 vibrant colour plates, looks at Emily Kngwarreye's paintings and practice from various expert viewpoints: Jennifer Isaacs approaches and explains the meaning of Emily’s art as part of the rich Anmatyerre women's culture, and gives a history of the stylistic development and patronage of her art; Terry Smith examines Emily’s work and its contribution to the development of contemporary abstract painting; Judith Ryan describes and explores Emily’s major works in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria; and Donald and Janet Holt offer personal insights into Emily's art and life at Delmore Downs Station, Northern Territory. Emily Kngwarreye Paintings is now a rare collector's item, as it is no longer in print. We gift our book to all clients who purchase a painting by Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

About Emily Kame Kngwarreye
Emily Kame Kngwarreye (c. 1910-1996) was a senior member of the Anmatyerre community and resident at Utopia in the Northern Territory, a former cattle station reclaimed by its traditional Indigenous Australian owners in 1979. Emily is widely regarded as one of the most notable Aboriginal artists and the pre-eminent female artist of the desert region. Her works, characterised by their remarkable painterly qualities, skilful use of colour and conceptual originality caused her influence to extend well beyond the previous reach of contemporary Aboriginal art, attracting interest locally and internationally.