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Joy Kngwarreye Jones

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Inspired by the exciting atmosphere of twenty artists painting together at Delmore, Joy Kngwarreye produces exquisite abstract depictions of her beautiful enteebra flowers in a range of colours that reflected the species and seasons and her ebulent mood. Always happy and high spirited, Joy's paintings reflect her vibrant personality and lust for life. 

Exploring her cultural expression through painting first began for Joy Kngwarreye Jones when she watched and learned from her sister Lily Sandover Kngwarreye and adopted sister Emily Kame Kngwarreye (both now deceased). Her inspiration is originally derived from her personal experience of awelye (or women’s business). The process of awelye is fundamental to the participatory role of women in ceremony. In preparation for a ceremony, the women first anoint each other traditionally with emu oil, then paint designs on their breasts and torsos, using a variety of powders, ground from yellow and red ochre, and charcoal. The body-paint designs and symbols vary from ceremony to ceremony, from person to person (depending on the seniority of each member) and on the time of year at which the ceremony is held. Joy’s paintings represent her interpretation of this practice and its imagery, which she views from an aerial perspective. Inspired and influenced by her sister Lily, Joy paints her own abstract interpretation of the flowers at Enteebra, which is her very special place in her father's country.

The artworks’ inspiration over the years 

Inspired by her sister Lily and the proximity of the famous Emily Kngwarreye, many of their early paintings depicted and told the story of the teaching and training of the young women of the tribe.

Later as Joy Kngwarreye paintings began to increase in demand, she was inspired by body painting (awelye) and created another style of art for sale, using a series of circles and half circles of parallel lines, always using a brush of the appropriate size.

Over the last ten years, Joy has painted many variations of her "Flowers at Enteebra" which were deeply rooted in the heart of her own Country. She uses a very fine brush on Belgian linen. There have been Joy Kngwarreye paintings for sale at Delmore Gallery for 26 years and now these exquisite and unique pieces are available online in our catalog.

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