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Aileen Mbitjana Biography and CV

Aileen Mbitjana, an Anmatyerre woman, was born c. 1940 and grew up on Utopia Station. She is the eldest child of famous Utopia artists, Minnie Pwerle and Motorcar Jim. Her half-sisters include Betty Mbitjana and Barbara Weir. After being involved in the early batik movement, Aileen’s own interest in painting developed later in life. Accompanied with a desire to learn a variety of techniques, including some non-traditional ones, this has allowed her to develop a unique style of her own. Aileen paints awelye (women’s ceremony) and about the bush plum (anwekety or conkerberry) in her fine dotted works.

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2018  Delmore Gallery: Utopia Women, Merricks Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia 
2017  Sacred Marks, JGM Gallery, London, U.K.