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Charmaine Pwerle

Charmaine Pwerle is an exciting young, emerging artist whose life has been steeped in the artistic talents and traditions of her family. Born on Utopia in 1975, Charmaine is the daughter of Barbara Weir, a highly successful and experienced painter, who has been a great inspiration and source of encouragement for Charmaine. The famous Minnie Pwerle, Charmaine's grandmother, was an early role model and source of knowledge about the Dreaming stories that inspired and stimulated her art. She has also been witness to the success of many other Utopia artists including Gloria Petyarre, Kathleen Petyarre and Kathleen, Polly and Angeline Kngale. As a teenager in the early and mid nineties, Charmaine would return from school in Adelaide to hear about Emily Kame Kngwarreye, who became a household name and the most successful Aboriginal artist ever.

After having spent her early years at Utopia, Alice Springs at St. Phillips College, then in Adelaide to complete her education, Charmaine now lives back in Alice Springs, with her four daughters and step daughter.  As a seventeen year old, Charmaine moved to Utopia with her mother and worked in administration for the Urapuntja Council. These were exciting times, Barbara brought home her first stretched primed linen from Delmore (still in the Delmore Collection) and steadily developed her career. Minnie Pwerle and her sisters, Molly, Emily and Gayla were also painting at the time. 

With this background it is not surprising that Charmaine is now emerging as one of the most dynamic and talented artists to come from Utopia. She is enthusiastic and determined and has a great work ethic; and now has the confidence and experience to create and develop her own style of dynamic and exciting art. She promises have a big future.

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National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne


2016  Winter Salon, Whistlewood, Shoreham, VIC
2015  Sixteen Artists, Japingka Gallery, Perth, WA
2015  Alpitye Art Studio, Alice Springs, NT
2014  Far North-Great South, Le Mans Contemporary Arts (MAC), Collegiate Church of St Pierre La Cour, Paris, France



2015  Awelye – Charmaine Pwerle, ARTMOB, Hobart, TAS