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Born in 1941 at the sheep yard camp on Old MacDonald Downs Station, Cowboy is the younger brother of Louie Pwerle (now deceased) and custodian of a selection of Dreaming sites over the same area (lesser in significance than Louie's, but more varied stories), the great variety of which can be seen in his artworks. The nesting place of the Bush Turkey is the Dreaming he predominantly explores. He lives, for the most part, at Mosquito Bore (Lyentye) but also spends time at Boundary Bore (Atneltyeye) on the western boundary of Utopia land and Soakage Bore (Atnarare), south-east of Lyentye. He is a member of the Eastern Anmatyerre language group. 

Cowboy is an excellent stockman, as are all the men in his family. He lives up to his name by wearing flash shirts, large hats and high-heeled cowboy boots. Cowboy has always had a strong relationship with the Holt family, as did his father before him. 



National Gallery of Victoria
Museum of Victoria, Melbourne
The Coventry Collection, Sydney
Holt Collection
Major private collectors in Australia and overseas.
Art Gallery of South Australia
Benalla Art Gallery
Stichting Sint-Jan, Brugge, Netherlands
The Casama Group, Melbourne


2017  The Golden Age of Utopia, Aboriginal Signature Estrangin gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2016  Camel Camp & Beyond, Japingka Gallery, Fremantle, WA
2015  Aboriginal art, Wimbledon Fine Arts, London
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2010  59th Blake Prize, National Art School Gallery, Sydney,NSW
2010  The Utopia Story, Australasian Arts Project, Singapore
2009  An Individual Perspective: From the Collection of Lauraine Diggins, Deakin University Art Gallery, Burwood, VIC
2009  Blake Prize, The Blake Society, National Art School Gallery, Sydney (finalist) 
2008  Power of Place, Paintings and Sculpture from the Eastern Desert, Tandanya Aboriginal Cultural Institute Inc, Adelaide
2008  Annual Collectors’ Exhibition, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne, VIC
2008  Sydney Art & Antiques Fair 2008, Sydney NSW
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1992  Hogarth Galleries, Sydney
1992  Aptoz Cruz Gallery, Adelaide
1991  Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne
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2012  Finalist, Blake Art Prize
2009  Finalist, Blake Art Prize
2008  Finalist, Albany Art Prize


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