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Polly Ngale (Kngale) Biography and CV

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Polly Ngale (Kngale) has painted incredible glowing storms of colour for nearly 30 years, like a rainbow through a rainstorm at sunrise, her paintings define her as a great colourist of our time. 

Polly was born around 1940 in Utopia, Northern Territory, into the Anmatyerre tribe. As a teenage girl, Polly learned the art of body painting during the traditional ceremonies in her country, Utopia.

Polly began her artistic career in 1977 with the production of batiks when she was instructed by Suzie Bryce, a craft instructor, and Yipati, a Pitjantjatjara artist from Ernabella. When Jenny Green arrived at Utopia and continued the women's education in this new technique, Polly was an enthusiastic participant. She painted bush plum stories with an exuberant use of colour. Her design is reminiscent of the delicate batik work produced by some Indonesian, specifically Balinese, women. Her finely dotted work was well received, although slow to produce.

Often travelling with her younger sisters Kathleen and Angeline, Polly would bring her flowing silk creations to Delmore on a visit, often as a head scarf. Working on the silk she gained great confidence in the use of colour, which gave her a great advantage when she had access to a wide range of rich colours at Delmore when she started painting on linen.

Polly took part in the Summer project in 1988/89 at the S. H. Ervin Gallery in Sydney. Her silk batiks were later shown to a wider audience in 1990 when 88 works from the Holmes a Court collection toured Ireland, Scotland and Harvard University and the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in the USA; Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, Oregon, USA; The Forum, St Louis, Missouri USA; and the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.

Meanwhile in April 1989, along with her sisters Angeline and Kathleen Ngale (or Kngale as it has traditionally been spelled), Polly began painting at Delmore for the Holt Family using Matisse acrylic paint on Belgian linen. In October 1989 paintings by Polly were shown and sold quickly at an exhibition supplied and curated by the Holts of Delmore and held at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi to wide acclaim. Polly has sold to collectors in France, the United Kingdom and the USA as well as Australia. 

Polly has continued to paint at Delmore, slowly, adding layer upon layer of dots to create magnificent storms of translucent colour.



Holmes à Court Collection, Perth
The World Bank, Washington, USA
The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
The Holt Collection


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