Teresa Pwerle Biography

Teresa Pwerle Aboriginal artist

Teresa Pwerle is an innovative, talented and exciting artist who has grown up in a successful family of artists. Born August 5, 1963 in Darwin, Northern Territory, Teresa was given her first canvas by her famous mother, Barbera Weir, in 1990. After spending her early years in Darwin, Broome, Alice Springs and Papunya, Teresa attended Kildare College in Adelaide before returning to her grandmother's Alyawarre country on Utopia - 250 kilometres north east of Alice Springs.

Minnie Pwerle, who was Barbara's mother, only started painting when she was nearly eighty years old, but took the art world by storm with her brightly coloured bush melon, wild tomato (Solanum) and wild orange paintings.

Along with her sisters Molly, Galya and Emily Pwerle, Minnie taught Teresa the Dreaming stories. Teresa's paintings were initially, strongly influenced by the work of Barbara Weir and later, Minnie Pwerle.  Recently, she has developed her own style which, while rooted in the culture of her grandmother's country, has perhaps been more influenced by the Pintubi genes she inherited from her paternal grandmother.

Teresa has raised four children; she has an effervescent, happy, independent and strong personality. She loves painting and is proud of the achievements of her mother and grandmother - she is now ready to make her own mark.

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