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Genella Kngwarreye Biography and CV

Genella Kngwarreye is an Alyawarre woman, the niece of established Utopia artists Sandy, Susie, Jessie and Annie Petyarre and usually lives with them in the same community on the northern edge of Utopia. She is one of the youngest artists on Utopia. Genella paints flora such as the Honey Grevillea from the Alyawarre women's sacred Country, Enteebra, using a fine tipped painting needle. Enteebra is a sacred women's site on Utopia where Alyawarre women, Petyarre and Kngwarreye, gather to renew and perform their ceremonies.

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2018  Delmore Gallery: Utopia Women, Merricks Art Gallery, Victoria, Australia

2017  Sacred Marks, JGM Gallery, London, U.K.

2017  Utopia: the artists of Delmore Downs, Yaama Ganu Gallery, Moree